Thursday, May 31, 2007

PhyInit: Creating Database if It Does Not Exist

I worked more on defining the command line options that I want to use. These were updated on the project web page.

I incorporated these command lines option into PhyInit. I added the ability to check for the existence of a MySQL database with the name passed from the command line. If the database name does not exist, a new database will be created. This assumes that the user has permissions to create databases on the db host. I first ask if the user really wants to create the database before doing so. The creation of a new database will only work in MySQL.

For the duration of gsoc, I will use MySQL database back end.

Today I found out how to use perldoc to print help statements from POD documentation. This is pretty useful since I used to always write PrintHelp subfunctions that duplicated what is written in the POD documentation.
system("perldoc $0");
Simple but not something that I have used before. I have not tested this in Windoze to see if it works across platforms.

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