Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Google Changing Midterm Evaluation Criteria

Although I plan on meeting my midterm deadlines for submitting code to my project's svn repository on google, I just saw that google is changing the midterm evaluation requirements. There is a lot of signal to noise problems on the GSOC student and announce mailing lists so I am posting this here FYI.

So, we're actually changing the code submission requirement for the mid-term to a requirement that you fill out a survey instead - we haven't had the resources to implement the infrastructure we wanted to have in place before you submitted your code to us.

I'll also make a post about this to the announcement list, but:

1) No student mid-term code submission.
2) Students need to take a survey instead.
3) Instructions for completing the survey will be sent to the program
announcement list.
4) You will be able to complete the survey between July 9 - July 16th.

I'll also update the FAQ in the next few days.


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